We, the employees of PhilFIDA bind ourselves to uphold the Principles of HIBLA: etHics, Integrity, accountaBility, exceLlence and pAtriotism as our commitment and social responsibility in the performance of our duty as public servants.


Formulate and implement integrated programs and policy guidelines for the continued development of the fiber industry in consultation with the industry stakeholders;

• Spearhead the harmonization of programs, projects and activities of all sectors involved in the Philippine natural fiber industry;

• Undertake research and development programs in support to production, processing and utilization of fibers;

• Collaborate the formulation and development of standards for various commercial fibers that are or may, hereafter, be produced in the Philippines;

• Regulate in accordance with the law, the licensing and registration of fiber trade participants such as traders, exporters, manufacturers and classifiers;

• Recommend the accreditation of seed growers/nursery operators;

• Accredit fabricators of fiber machinery, tools and devices;

• Enforce the Philippine National Standards to include fiber classification, grading, baling, tagging and marking of Philippine natural fibers; and

• Undertake skills development trainings and workshops to improve the technical and entrepreneurial capabilities of stakeholders.