Date Posted June 2018

The PHILFIDA Regional Office 10 distributes 6,721 pieces of seed derived abaca seedlings of Tangongon variety to the members of Bukidnon Tagoloanon Mulahay Ha Kabukalagan Agriculture Cooperative at Barangay Can-ayan, Malaybalay City last May 29, 2018. This cooperative has 84 registered active members and 5,116 subsidiary members who are part of the Higaonon Tribe. They owned about 990.92 hectares of land by virtue of Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT) by which around 300 hectares are potential for abaca growing. The area to be developed for abaca plantation is located near “ Sabangan ha Tagoloan” or the head waters of Tagoloan river which is the most sacred ground of the Bukidnon Tagoloanons as well as other tribes of Bukidnon. Abaca farming in this area is very suitable due to high soil fertility, high rainfall, extensive shade trees, existing farm to market road, and availability of workforce.

A month prior to the distribution, the said cooperative undergone training-seminar on improved abaca production technology conducted by PHILFIDA Region 10 staff in partnership with the Oro Chambers Inc. under the sponsorship of USAID. Aside from abaca seedlings, the PHILFIDA Region 10 also provided them with one (1) kilo abaca seeds and 10,000 pieces polyethylene bags for them to be able to start production of seed derived abaca seedlings. The PHILFIDA commits to consistently provide them technical assistance for the development of their abaca production project.

Abaca has of great value to the indigenous people. It becomes their source of living for decades, though it is only cultivated in small scale for their subsistence. With the advocacies of the NGOs, NGAs, and LGUs, this group had come to realize that abaca could improve their socio-economic conditions, sustain peace and development, as well as conserve the environment. Now, these group of indigenous people are organizing themselves into a cooperative to become abaca entrepreneurs.

PHILFIDA 10 targets to distribute 150,000 pieces of seed derived abaca seedlings this year. The above-mentioned coop is the first recipient of this project and there will be more farmers’ groups to receive abaca seedlings until the last quarter of this year.

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Loading of 6,721 pieces seed derived abaca seedlings for distribution to members of Bukidnon Tagoloanon Mulahay Ha Kabukalagan Agriculture Cooperative