PhilFIDA welcomes new head

Date Posted April 2017

Kennedy T. Costales Takes Oath of Office as New Executive Director of the PhilFIDA

Kennedy T. Costales, the new Executive Director of the PhilFIDA has been sworn into office on 30 March 2017 by DA Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol. Mr. Costales who prefers to be called Sir Ted, was appointed by President Duterte last 10 March 2017 replacing Victor B. Prodigo.

 Mr. Costales came from the Tag Fibers, Incorporated in Davao City. Although his father owns a large share in the company, Sir Ted wanted to start his career working from the ranks in order for him to see and learn things from below’s perspective. After years of doing the dirty work, he has mastered the craft in the abaca industry which earned for him the title “fiberman”. He left the company as a Manager.

As the new Chief of PhilFIDA, Sir Ted promises to make an impact in the fiber industry, specifically in improving the lives of the Filipino abaca farmers. He brings with himself new operation techniques and approaches through the special project entitled ”Abaca Tuxy Buying - Farmers’ Cooperative Business Concept”.